Thank you for stopping in and embracing your journey with me. My name is DianaMarie; Hi :), and I am originally from the Bronx, NY. Boricua roots and NY swag. Growing up, I was a combination of an introvert and extrovert (when I wanted to be anyway). Often times an introvert. I was the one to mainly stay quiet and observe my surroundings. Being raised as an only child (I do have siblings), I learned to do things for myself all the time and never really understood what it was like to welcome others in. 

Fast forward to the present and so much is shifting in my personal journey. Life is the most challenging, confusing, mysterious and blissful journey. Not one day is the same, we might think it is but if we look closely there is something being brought to our attention daily.

B'Cher has evolved over the last 3 years since its conception. It has evolved exactly how my own personal life has. I have a confession to make to you all; I am a procrastinator. B'Cher falling victim as the consistency of posts and direction wasn't clear. It was something I used to be ashamed of, because it is such a derogatory trait to have in the eyes of others. Truth be told I don't really care anymore, I have fully decided to embrace this about myself because who the heck is perfect? B'Cher started off as an emerging creatives blog, then philanthropy in fashion and art blog and now a lifestyle blog. I believe this is the direction it was intended to be in organically. It took much trail and error. Why lifestyle? Aren't there millions out there? What sets B'Cher a part from the rest? Well, it's my lifestyle which means it's different than everyone else. However, it is not a simple "this is what I do and this is what I like". 

The B'Cher lifestyle is embracing the journey in front of you and living the best life you think that is. My personal journey has transitioned from focusing on the outer to now loving and choosing the inner. The inner most core of what life is all about. The happiness, discovering, learning, pain, sadness, spirituality, EVERYTHING. The journey is real and whatever that means to you and wherever you are at in yours, love that sh*t.

I don't know who I truly am because I am discovering new things about myself daily. What I do know is becoming the best version of myself is the journey I intend to follow. Being Confident, Harmonious, Extraordinary and Radiant. How do you live your best life?