Welcome to B'Cher - I'm happy you're here! I am a native New Yorker with a curiosity and motivation to live my best life. I started B'Cher in 2015 as a creative outlet from my 9 to 5. Along the way I met inspiring fashion designers/creatives and had the opportunity to interview them for B'Cher. Sadly, all content was completely wiped out not too long ago, but I do think this was a blessing in disguise!

Over the past 3 years, the journey of self discovery has gone up at an all time high for me. At 28 years old, I am currently experiencing my Saturn return. It is the most amazing and confusing time in my life. Between the ages of 27 and 30; these are the most crucial moments to grow into adulthood (by the universe's standards). As an Aquarius, I have felt connected to my intuitiveness from an early age and I am understanding we are all connected to our universe. Sounds intense, but we are a mere spectacle of something greater. B'Cher's new beginning represents all things moving forward. 

hat does B'Cher mean? Cher in french means 'Expensive'. Nope, I am not french; but I love the language. B Expensive! B (C)onfident (H)armonious (E)xtrodinary (R)adiant. Treating ourselves with love is the most valuable action we can do. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

I'd love to connect, please feel free to reach out!