Breaking The Chains Of Fear

Breaking The Chains Of Fear


The past year has been such a shift in my personal life. Both in career and personal development. The smallest of shifts, bring forth an abundance of change. In its own unique way all turned out for the best and yet throughout the process I was unaware of what was actually happening. Honestly, this is one of the main things I enjoy about the journey of life. Those moments that feel uncomfortable, turn out to be the most amazing situations to happen as time progresses. 2017 was a year of discovering my potential. It was a challenge; some moments felt like I was purposely encountering "bad vibes". Truth is, the universe put certain scenarios in my tracks to assist my growth. The change in perspective is real and the universe always has your back.

“The smallest of shifts, bring forth an abundance of change.”

Fast forward to the present moment. To share a piece of me with you, I am an over thinker. It is a good trait to have when making business decisions (you think several steps ahead). However, in personal life it can tend to be too much; "What to make for dinner?" (make a decision!). One decision I was constantly back and forth with was taking a vacation. For some, making the decision to take a vacation is pretty simple. Whatever it is that you do on a daily basis, the body and mind does need to regroup for a period of time. I'd like to think it helps us preserve our temple. For someone that thinks this way, it was such a tough decision making the move to just take a break. The main reason was I didn't want to go on vacation on my own; I mean who does that? Uhh.....apparently many do haha!

Something within was hinting me to go to California, honestly not sure why the West Coast, but I decided to go with my gut. I couldn't have decided to go to a better place at this time of my life. There is still so much I haven't discovered about California, but the vibe was freeing. I accomplished many personal goals out there, some of which were not planned. I truly believe a higher power was guiding me through the journey. I met locals with great vibes (Goal 1: connect with people with an open heart and mind), focused on relaxing and connecting with my inner self (Goal 2 & 3: hike a mountain to face fear of heights and meditate among nature), I tried delicious food only located at the West Coast (Goal 4: eat at a restaurant with no one on the other side of the table), found a piece of myself (Goal 5: understand myself better) and connected with good friends.

Facing my fear of traveling alone was a challenge, but one I had to overcome. It permitted me to fully know my true desires and understand myself in a clearer way. I believe when we are able to be happy with ourselves completely; the good and the bad, that is when truthfully accepting others can manifest in a positive way. Living your best life has a different meaning for us all. One perspective I pray upon us all, is we love ourselves fully so we can accept and love each being on this planet. Facing fears, forgiving ourselves and others, being fully present, being vulnerable, treat each other with love and equality, show empathy and compassion. These are but a few actions I choose to do to live my best life.

B Confident, Harmonious, Extraordinary and Radiant